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Here are the rewiews of former school participants about the time they spent at MGSU. Go ahead to find out how it was!

Giorgia Puccinelli 
University of Pisa

The MGSU Summer School was something that really opened my mind, I had the chance to meet people from all around the world and share with them that great experience.  

 Thanks to the great organization of the workshop and thanks to the amazing professors, we had the possibility to visit parts of the city that we would have never discovered on our own and we also learnt a lot from the lectures.  

 The lectures were not just about russian architecture; we discovered the russian culture and how it reflects on the places where people live. They also teached us how to deal with some technical aspects of the buildings. In this way all the students from Engineering and from Architecture could improve their knowledge.  

 Attending this summer school was one of the best choices ever made. 

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