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Summer Research School at MGSU

Summer School Moscow Civil Engineering University

Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (National Research University) is the leading Russian university of higher education in the sphere of civil engineering. University offers comprehensive list of civil engineering training programs on all levels of education The University was established in 1921.

Our Summer School 2019 edition offers two programmes to select from. Click on one of the banners below to get more information:
This course gives a wide overview of the architectural solution of the residential development in Moscow of the 20th century. Following an introduction to the history of architecture and urban development in Moscow during the century of experiments will be surveyed with special reference to the works of Russian Avant-garde. 
“Biocity” is a multidisciplinary course that explores a variety of bio-components of the urban environment on the example of Moscow. Students will focus on the urban environment that surrounds them every day. Participants with different skills explore the links between an urban environment and bioprocesses. Participants will create their own urban environment project, using field observations on an urban environment, conducting bio experiments and analyzing the proposed theoretical experience.

Students can start intensive Russian course without any prior knowledge of language or can improve their Russian proficiency.

The course aims to improve listening, reading, writing and speaking skills, practice and expand students’ vocabulary and knowledge of grammar and phonetics:

Russian speaking and listening · Russian Communication Skills · Russian for Academic Purposes

The course is integrated into main summer courses, allowing students to combine professional knowledge with cultural and language skills.

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