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Testimonials & How It Was

To see how "The MGSU Summer School was something that really opened my mind" and other testimonials that our former participants left about International Summer Schols at MGSU click here.Подробнее →
Capital Summer! Farewell to MGSU Summer School participants
On August 18 - 31, 2019, MGSU held summer school called "20th Century Mass-Housing RE3". The main idea behind the summer course was to introduce participants to the most interesting examples of mass housing development in Moscow of the twentieth century. Students had the opportunity to explore them from the different angle and to try to save and restore the objects of architectural history, breathing new life into them at the same time. Подробнее →
International Summer School "Build Your Future" 2017 is completed!
International Summer School "Build Your Future" 2017 held in Moscow State university of Civil Engineering was successfully completed. Summer School included three modules: "Russian Language", "Sustainable Engineering" or "Architecture & Urbanism"...
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Summer course for students of the Monterrey Institute of Technology And Higher Education
During the period from July 22 to July 28, 2017 in NRU MGSU there was held the summer course "Modern Technologies in Unique Buildings Construction". The course was organized for bachelor students of the Monterrey Institute Of Technology And Higher Education, Mexico.Подробнее →
Video report of Summer Russian School 2015
Here are sudents reviews on first ever summer school at MGSU. From 15th till 30th of August participants from different parts of the world had an opportunity to study Russian language, explore our culture and know more about Moscow architecture. Go ahead to see how it was! Подробнее →

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