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MGSU students became prize-winners of the BRAUIC 2021 international competition

MGSU students became prize-winners of the BRAUIC 2021 international competition

MGSU students became prize-winners of the BRAUIC 2021 international competition
In October 2021, the results of the International Student Competition for Architectural Design and Digital Modeling "BRAUIC 2021" were summed up. From MGSU, three teams in both categories took part in the competition, two of which became prize-winners, taking honorary 2nd places.

The team of Bakhtovar Maksudov, Elizaveta Larkina, Valeria Androsova, Hu Zhiying and Alina Chizhova under the guidance of senior lecturer of the Department of Architecture Natalia Pushkina became the winner in the nomination "Architectural Design". The students presented their project called "NOW (New Old Way)". The project involves the Severodvinsk Canal in the Vologda Region of Russia, which is part of the Severodvinsk Water system, most of which runs through the territory of the “Russian North” National Park.


The city of Kirillov, a number of small settlements, several lakes connected by the canal, 5 natural monuments, 19 cultural heritage sites are located on the part of the canal considered in the project.

"The tourist potential of the territory is high, but there is no sufficiently developed infrastructure. We went through a lot of ideas and together came up with the idea to make not one port, but a network, a route with stops in significant places along the Severodvinsk Canal. The essence of this idea is to influence the development of the region by using architecture, attract tourists and create another way to move between settlements." – Bakhtovar notes.

The proposed project concept adds to the canal not only the function of a cargo waterway, but also gives the function of a tourist route in the projected part. The project covers historical and natural sites of interest for tourism and proposes to make them accessible by laying a bicycle path along the banks of the canal and organizing a waterway with ports and berths for tourist ferries, which can also serve as public transport.

Furthermore, the project work of Alisa Zenkina, Karine Papikyan and Daria Zhuravleva – "Cable-stayed public space bridge design in Moscow canal area" – was awarded an honorary prize in the "Construction Design" nomination. The team presented their work under the guidance of senior lecturer of the Department of Architecture Ivan Saltykov and Head of the International educational programs Department Marat Magomedov.


The project is aimed at improving communication between the two banks of the Moskva River, connecting the park area and residential areas nearby. The task was not only to connect them with transport routes, but also with new other functions that are not inherent in an ordinary bridge.

The idea of the project – "The bridge as a public space". The creation of new viewpoints for contemplating the urban environment, the possibility of adapting adjacent buildings to the modern urban fabric. The project supports the sustainable development agenda, therefore, special attention is paid to environmental issues. The bridge includes a green zone along its entire length of 230 meters, which not only emphasizes the environmental friendliness of the location of the object, but also does not separate the two green banks. It also makes it possible to organize spaces for front gardens and mobile vegetable gardens, which will provide an opportunity for passers-by to interact more closely with the environment.

Another important feature of the bridge is the organization of an amphitheater in the center, which flows smoothly down to the water. As a result, it turns out to immerse people in the unique experience of watching theatrical productions, movies surrounded by green banks in the middle of the Moskva River. All architectural ideas of the project have justifications in the form of a calculation part. The calculation of the bridge arch within the framework of the project was carried out in the LIRA-CAD software package.

Besides, the acting Director of the “Institute for Digital Technologies and Modeling in Construction”, Ph.D. Vladimir Filatov, received an award as an outstanding member of the jury, and the MGSU received the "Organizational achievement award".

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